1. If he doesn’t answer, don’t keep sending texts. If he wanted to talk to you, he would’ve responded.

2. People will make time for you when they care about you. If he says he’s too busy or constantly cancels his plans, he doesn’t care. People fight for you when they care.

3. Don’t let him touch you on the first date. If he tries, he’s not there for the same reasons you are.

4. You can tell a lot about a person by their favorite book.

5. If he can stomach more than ten straight shots without feeling a thing, he drinks too much.

6. Ask the uncomfortable things. When was the last time he was so high he couldn’t speak? What does he regret the most? Does he drink to remember or to forget?

7. Don’t send pictures unless you want to. If he has to talk you into it, don’t do it. If you hesitate, don’t do it. If you do take a picture, don’t include your face. Keep yourself safe.

8. If you can’t laugh when you’re having sex with him, maybe you aren’t sleeping with the right person. Sex isn’t about tricks and tips and routines.

9. If he hurts you, cut him out. He’s gone, he isn’t coming back, and you don’t need to prolong the pain.

10. Don’t be afraid to open up again. I promise not everyone will love you with a knife behind their back.

Boy advice from someone who made the same mistakes too often (via guiseofgentlewords)





This honestly made me tear up. Imagining how great he must have felt that his planned worked and choosing that risk paid off.
I also feel like him and the model have such good chemistry, they’re always so kind and loving to one another.

Holy shit what did he do?? That’s rad as hell!

Since the runway was going to have simulated rain, he wanted to make the outfit become colorful because of it rather than deflect it. He sewed dye into the seams and once the rain hit it the dye ran! Very simple but super effective. He was one of the two winners of that challenge.

Absolutely brilliant. Holy shit.



It’s no secret that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act isn’t going anywhere. The bill has gone a year in the House of Representatives with no vote, and House Republicans don’t seem interested in moving it.

So Rep. Jared Polis is introducing a discharge petition, a procedural move that could force a vote on ENDA before the end of the Congressional session. More than 100 House members have signed on; he needs 218 signatures to demand the bill be brought to the floor. 

A discharge petition, Polis explained in a phone call with The Advocate, allows members of Congress to “say they want to vote on something, and it’s bottom-up, rather than top-down.”

"So we’re going around the speaker, since he has refused to allow a vote," continued Polis. "[We plan] to force a simple vote on employment nondiscrimination, to protect LGBT Americans from being fired just because of who they love or who they are."

Polis said he is “very confident” that if ENDA were brought to a vote, it would easily pass. If the discharge petition were successful — meaning at least 218 representatives signed the petition — ENDA would come to the House floor for a vote, and would need only simple majority approval to move one step closer to President Obama’s desk. 











Why don’t most superheroines look like this?

Because most comic books are drawn by men.

Reblogging for artistic reference.

Yes. Artistic reference is why I am reblogging this.

This is why I hate it when people draw the likes of Wonder Woman or Power Girl or She-Hulk without making them muscular because ‘that’s not feminine’. Because clearly, you know, it bloody well is.

Totally reblogging for the artistic reference. Definitely.

artistic reference my ass i’m reblogging this because she’s fucking beautiful and her body is inspiring. also she so cute

I love how on the third pic she’s like “OMG I also have boobs! This is amazing!”





I hate it when men make unsolicited comments about a woman’s body. Like “she’s got a nice shape but she needs to tighten up her stomach”

How about you tighten up your lips and never speak again you ignorant shit.

Wow maybe you need to accept constructive criticism jesus christ.

Men telling me (or any other woman) what I need to do for them to find me sexually attractive is not constructive criticism.